About the CSPC’s Presidential Fellows Program

A professional public policy analyst, Charles Maurice Stam researches and collects data on subjects such as health care reform, state legislative initiatives, and other facets of policy relevant to municipal bonds. Charles Stam prepared for his career by completing a double major in history and political science at New York’s Columbia College. After demonstrating proficiency in the classroom and a passion for his majors, Mr. Stam was named an Endowed Presidential Fellow of the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC).

CSPC functions as a nonprofit think tank located in Washington, D.C. An educational organization, the CSPC exists to facilitate cooperation between the congress and the president, devise groundbreaking solutions to issues facing the United States, and give the next generation of leaders an arena where they can forge their character and talent for discourse.

One CSPC program designed to develop leadership in America’s youths is the Presidential Fellows program, an initiative begun over 40 years ago. These talented students travel to the nation’s capital to study government and learn the skills that will elevate them to promising futures in public service. Fellows are selected by their universities and colleges and attend three-day conferences two times each year.

Writing in-depth papers on topics concerning Congress or the president is the keystone of the Presidential Fellows program experience. Working in tandem with an advisor from their campus, students write articles and present them at the annual conferences.