Stata Software Provides the Tools for Better Business Forecasts

Charles Stam has worked in the field of public policy and is well-versed in providing analyses for economic forecasting. Stata is one of the software applications on which Charles Stam relies for data compilation.

Stata software provides users with a wide range of techniques for compiling data and producing graphs. Each version of Stata is fast and user-friendly, and its users do not have to be statistical experts.

Mac-, UNIX-, and Windows-compatible, the standard Stata package is referred to as Stata/IC (Intercooled Stata). This version of the program can manage as many as 2,047 variables for analytical purposes.

Additionally, a special edition of Stata is available that is equipped to handle 32,766 variables. Stata/MP is yet another package that has the same limits as Stata/SE, but is designed to run on multicore and multiprocessor computers.

The tools that are available on Stata allow decision-makers to list, record, review, and evaluate data continually. Therefore, statistical information can be discussed, revised, and updated as needed. Regardless of the version, Stata promises to assist policymakers or executives in making better decisions related to economic forecasting or business growth.


Passing the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

Charles Stam, a public policy analyst, enjoys reading about public policy and law in his free time. In the near future, Charles Stam hopes to attend law school, where he hopes to be admitted into a dual degree program, allowing him to simultaneously earn a master’s degree in policy studies.

Part of preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) involves figuring out which schools to apply to and what the average scores are for the school’s accepted students. Taking a prep test allows applicants to determine where they fall in comparison to a school’s average, helping them develop a studying plan. Cramming for the LSAT over a short time period and repeatedly taking practice tests can cause applicants to become mentally fatigued. Studying and preparing over a long period of time improves scores and memory of the information.

Rearranging one’s schedule to include LSAT study sessions can be difficult, but keeping everything organized and bringing LSAT books everywhere helps ensure that time is not wasted. Studying for the LSAT can affect work and social schedules, so it is important to communicate with those who will be affected. This can help prevent unnecessary stress that could distract applicants from studying.